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We strive to care for you and your family as if you were our family. With compassionate care from birth throughout life, we are able to meet the needs of the Yampa Valley. We utilize electronic records; coordinate care, including consultants, imaging and lab analysis for you.

We are your personal medical home for the entire family.

Measles Outbreak

If you were born before 1957, no need to worry about the measles outbreak. The rest need to worry. A major reason why the measles outbreak in Disney has been able to take hold is because of the increasing number of parents who have chosen not to immunize or under immunize their children. Some of this is based on fear of vaccines causing Autim. This is based on a study which has been found to be poorly done with false data. Many studies since have proven this wrong. There are also those who feel free choice outways public  health.

Enterovirus D68

When is a cold more than a cold? Enterovirus is not new. It is one of the ever changing viruses that cause upper respiratory infections (URI). These spread rapidly during the school year in our school age children who then bring the infections home. What is new is the strain D68 is potent, causing upper and lower respiratory symptoms, especially in those with asthma or other chronic lung conditions. It is currently in the Midwest and Denver.
Symptoms: You or your child should be seen if you have a high fever, shortness of breath, wheezing or chest tightness.

Osgood Schlatter Syndrome

It has been too long since I shared helpful information. Here is a bit of helpful information.
I recently saw a growing middle schooler with Osgood Schlatter Syndrome. It is swelling on the tibia, just below the knee cap. We see it in active kids, when they are growing fast. Jumping, running, basketball, football, soccer etc are activities that aggravate it. Rest, ice and time help it quiet down. Taping can help too. Here is a link to a video on how to tape for this.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is all too common. 90% of the time it is classified as essential. It is not that there is one thing wrong with the body, but a multitude of issues at hand. Often times there is family history underlying the elevated blood pressure. Concurrent conditions such as diabetes are also common. The nice thing about high blood pressure is the patient can have control, if not 100% on the pressure, then partially through life style.

Teen Health

Spring Sports are about to start. Many kids  will need their sport physicals. Keep in mind, insurance companies now pay 100% for health exams. When your child comes for a sport physical, we not only do what is required for the sport physical, but go over age appropriate vaccine needs, developmental assesments, risky behavior evaluation and more. Not only do we do pre sport evaluations, but our physicians are trained and certified in concussion management. Head injures are all too common and proper management can get your child back in the game as well as minimizing academic impact.


With so many supplements out there and 70% of patients taking supplments, which supplements are right for you? Just like medicine, not one supplement is right for everyone. Supplements and vitamins have been an unregulated industry. The good news is, more and more studies are being done on these products. Let's say a meeting of conventional medicine with alternative medicine. We like that. It's what we call evidenced based medicine. Probiotics are a supplement that has had many studies.

Saline Irrigation

This is cold and flu season. Nasal congestion, be it sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, flu or even allergies will benefit from irrigation with saline. You can buy a commercial prep or make your own. We recommend 1 mL with a pinch of baking soda added to 60-120 mL warm water. The microwave can help dissolve the salt, but make sure you cool it with some cooler water. You can use a syringe or Nedi pot. Both can be purchased over the counter. we can also give you a syringe at the office. Here is a link with both a video and written instructions.

How to swallow a pill

Many kids and teens have a hard time swallowing pills. This time of year, with new acute illnesses being seen in our school age children, I often struggle to help kids figure out how to swallow a pill. The secret is we can all swallow pills as often times a pill is smaller than a piece of food we eat.


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